BBC and Met Office clash in their long-range forecast for Christmas week

Brits are wishing for a 'White Christmas' after reports of a ' snowbomb' looming for the UK.

The BBC and Met Office have released their long-range forecast for Christmas and New Year weather.

It's believed temperatures will feel colder as families come to meet and celebrate the festive season this December.

For the week itself, it appears wet and windy weather is set to form a miserable cast for the big day if we take BBC's prediction.

There is also a risk of a north and south divide with those living in northern areas of the country set to get the brunt of the gusts and heavy rain.

The BBC reports for the week from December 20 to December 26: "It should start the week settled and dry for everyone and this pattern should last until mid-week.

"Later in the week, a return to a wetter and windier pattern is possible for northern and eastern parts of the UK. Temperatures are expected to be near average most of the week.

"The risk this week is where high pressure is located. If it is stationed more to the east this would allow for a more mobile pattern of wetter and windier conditions, especially for the northern half of the country throughout the week."

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Sadly, there is not any indication of snow just year in the BBC weather forecast – but meteorologists don't tend to predict whether a White Christmas is on the cards or not until a mere few days before the big day itself.

Moving onto the Met Office, their forecast shines a different light, referring to fog and cloud – but it states temperatures will be colder for December 25, which is different to the BBC.

It reads for December 18 to December 27: "Through this period, high pressure, already across southern areas, is expected to build further north, pushing the remaining wind and rain away.

"Here any rain will be light, giving a much drier second half to December for all and winds expected to be predominantly calm. Although rather cloudy at first, cloud amounts should reduce through the period, especially in the south and southeast.

"Temperatures near average to start, and locally mild in the north, although they will tend to become colder in time for Christmas, especially in southern areas.

"As a result, the risk of frost and fog increases, the fog slow to clear through the mornings, and perhaps lasting all day in some places."

It appears the two forecasts clash for the highlight of the season, with a mix of either frost and fog and a temperature plunge or wind, rain, and average mercury.

Brits will have to wait a few more days to find out if the bitter cold will cause snow to fall for Christmas morning.

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