BBC Weather: Arctic winds send temperatures plummeting as thundery downpours lash UK

BBC Weather’s Matt Taylor has forecast a huge plunge in temperatures as central England will barely reach 12C after being in the high 20s last week. Thundery showers are expected as is some isolated frost in northern Scotland on Thursday night. He warned of 60mph gales which could disrupt travel.

Mr Taylor said: “There are some showers across East Anglia, they will fade away.

“There will be some sunshine developing in central areas but cloudy for the most part.

“Showers across northwestern Scotland working their way southwards affecting Northern Ireland too.

“Some of those showers could get a little bit heavier, maybe the odd odd shower in the south.

“Into tonight, as showers keep going across northern western areas, the odd one towards the south but some places staying completely dry.

“A cold night in the north, one or two isolated spots could even see a frost.

“Tomorrow, showers will be very hit and miss but in some areas they could be heavy and thundery.

“Temperatures will remain at 17C but will feel colder as we’ve got strengthening northerly winds at speeds of 60mph in Scotland.”

It comes as Boris Johnson has urged the public not to start gathering indoors as the weather worsens – warning it could undermine the progress made by the coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister said people may be tempted to organise indoor social gatherings to avoid the rain, but warned the risk of passing the virus on is “significantly higher” inside.

It comes as rain and cooler temperatures hit Britain after days of hot weather.

Sunseekers who basked in highs of 28C over the weekend, as the nation recorded its sunniest spring since records began in 1929, are faced with cooler weather, with some places seeing heavy rain.


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Bands of cloud will move in across the week and rain is expected to spread across the South and East of the UK, introducing cooler, fresher air and increasing winds, according to the Met Office.

The PM told the daily Downing Street briefing: “I want to stress one final point which may be relevant today as the weather threatens, I think to take a turn for the worse.

“Some of you may be tempted to move the gatherings you’ve been enjoying outdoors indoors out of the rain. I really urge you: don’t do that.

“We relaxed the rules on meeting outside for a very specific reason because the evidence shows the risks of transmission are much lower outdoors.”

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