BBC Weather: Atlantic front barrelling towards UK threatens Britons with thunderstorms

The unsettled weather is set to reach the south-west of England and Wales overnight between Monday and Tuesday. BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned the system will bring heavy downpours, thunderstorms at times, and strong gales, particularly for Cornwall. He said: “If we take a look at the big picture on Monday, we’re going to have to watch this weather system getting close to the south-west tomorrow, but high pressure still with us and that keeps things largely dry.

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“We still have the tail end of a cold front for eastern parts of south-east Scotland and eastern England.

“So it’s here that we’re most likely to see some rain around at times this morning.

“There will be some patchy drizzle and lighter rain in the south initially but even here skies will clear and a fair bit of sunshine to come.”

He added: “For tonight, mostly dry night for many, but the Channel Islands and Cornwall, in particular, will see some heavy and potentially thundery rain move up as we go through the night and into tomorrow morning.

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“With clear skies elsewhere there will be a bit of a chilly start on Tuesday morning.

“There could even be a touch of frost.

“Windier where there’s outbreaks of rain, heavier across the south and the south-west during the morning.

“There could be some splashes of rain across other parts of England and Wales, but most of it will fizzle out into the afternoon.”

The Met Office reported last month was the sunniest April on record for the UK recording 224.5 hours of sunshine.


After warm weather over the weekend with some parts hitting 17C, a cold-weather front is forecast to smash Britain next week.

Thunderstorms and torrential downpours are due to hit the UK this week, bringing the weekend’s sunny weather to an abrupt end.

Britons enjoyed some light relief from the miserable weather last week.

Forecasters predicted areas to wake to a mixture of sunshine and showers as a weather front brings clouds to the south-west of England and south Wales.

Showers with the potential to become thundery are predicted to hit later on Sunday in the Midlands and north of England.

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These wet conditions will persist throughout the coming week with temperatures likely to plummet.

Even more rain is forecast to sweep across the UK in the net week as high pressure builds.

Showers and cloudy weather are forecast in the east of England on Monday, particularly Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Anglia.

Some parts of the UK are likely to remain dry and sunny until Tuesday when the weather forecast reveals widespread thunderstorms and showers will hit.

After this unsettled weather has passed, the high pressure system is expected to give way to warmer conditions by the end of the week.

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