BBC Weather: Britons told to brace for week-long washouts before weekend heatwave

BBC Weather forecast Matt Taylor warned Britons could face the odd showers as they go through their day, with Northern Ireland the worst-affected area. Mr Taylor said the widespread cloud hoovering over the UK will stay out through Tuesday as more showers develop towards the evening. The BBC meteorologist said the wet weather will persist for most of the week before conditions improve towards the weekend when scorching temperatures and sunshine are expected for most of the country.

Mr Taylor said: “Compared to the wet weather some saw last week, it is a bit of an improvement but there will be plenty of cloud around.

“This weekend promises a little bit more sunshine.

“Certainly, through today some of you will get a glimpse of sunshine every now and again, a fair bit of cloud around and, if you’re in Northern Ireland, this is where it’s going to turn wetter and wetter as we go through the day.

“Some of the best cloud gaps will be in the west of Scotland, northeast England and we will some breaks in the cloud in south Wales and southwest England.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster continued: “You can see the rain becomes more dominant in Northern Ireland, a few showers in northern Scotland and elsewhere the cloud sparking the odd spot of rain. Many of us will spend the day dry.

“The wind coming in from the west, northwestern direction, not a particularly warm one but it’s got a humid start in the southeast.

“But given the fact we’ve got a huge amount of cloud, temperatures are rising a little bit, around 20C in the south, most places sitting in the mid-teens as we go through this afternoon.”

Mr Taylor added: “This evening and overnight, rain again in Northern Ireland, we will start to see a little more of a downpour developing across the western half of the country.

“Maybe a few heavier bursts in Scotland, northern England and west Wales.

“Temperatures won’t drop away too much, sticking to double figures for most as we go into tomorrow morning.”

Meteorological Office’s Oli Claydon forecast temperatures will start to rise from Wednesday, with some areas hitting 29C by Saturday.

Mr Claydon said: “As the week goes on, temperatures are going to rise – but there will be quite a lot of cloud around so there are not going to be crystal-clear conditions everywhere.


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“By Wednesday, we could see temperatures climbing as high as 75-77F (24-25C) in the South-East, rising to 81-84F (27-29C) by Friday and Saturday.

“The sunniest weather and highest temperatures are likely to be south-east of a line stretching from The Wash to Southampton.

“But even as far north as Newcastle upon Tyne it could reach 72-73F (22-23C), and there could be highs of 73-75F (23-24C) in Plymouth.”

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