BBC Weather: Brits to bake in weekend scorcher but high temperatures wont reach all

BBC Weather forecasts mix of rain and rising temperatures

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Sarah Keith-Lucas told BBC Breakfast many can expect to see high temperatures from Friday with temperatures around the low-20s. But the presenter warned the western parts of the UK will see a weather front moving in meaning those living there can expect a washout. The weekend will be generally dry with the best day being on Saturday with some isolated and scattered showers on Sunday.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Keith-Lucas delivered her forecast for the weekend.

She said: “So [Friday’s] weather then, we are looking at a largely dry and settled day for many parts of the UK.

“Not everywhere, there’s a weather front that’s moving its way in from the west.

“So there’s gonna be some rain on the cards but many of us do similar to what we had yesterday.

“Sunny spells and temperatures still doing quite well this time of year.”

Ms Keith-Lucas then pointed to where the rain would be hitting on Friday and over the weekend.

She continued: “So this is where we’ve got the rain moving in this morning, across parts of Northern Ireland, western Scotland too.

“This front will continue to just push into western fringes of England and Wales later into the afternoon.

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“But certainly for much of central and eastern England, as well as eastern Scotland, you should stay dry for much of the day if not all the day.

“And with those light southerly winds, temperatures are going to be doing pretty well so 21-22C in the sunshine towards the east.

“Further northwest 16 to 18C.

“You’ve got the outbreaks of rain and gusty winds across the northwest of Scotland later today as well.”

Ms Keith-Lucas looked at the weekend and forecast decent weather for most of the UK.

She added: “Now through this evening and overnight, we’ve got this line of cloud and drizzly patchy rain that’s quite slow-moving across parts of northern England and Wales and the Southwest as well.


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“Some clear and dry weather either side of that but there’ll be a few misty patches around first thing Saturday.

“Temperatures still quite mild, particularly in the southeast around 14C or so first thing.

“So looking at the weekend then it’s a bit of a mix, a lot of dry weather on Saturday and actually temperatures up to about 23C in the warmer spots.

“Still some rain in the north and in the West.

“It looks like by Sunday, we can see that rain becoming a little bit more widespread so Saturday is the better day of the weekend for many of us.”

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