BBC Weather: Brits to brace for 86F as dry weather still on schedule

Brits braced for 86F as 'dry weather' still on schedule

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BBC meteorologist Carol Kirkwood forecasted 30C degrees for the southeastern areas of the country as “drier conditions” and sunshine are expected to make their way on Wednesday after a cloudy start. A weather front coming from the north is expected to sink south as we move through the week, resulting in temporarily episodes of rain building in some fresher air which, however, will be taken over by warmer and drier conditions right behind it. As head into the weekend, a new weather front is expected to bring in “some sherry outbreaks of rain” in the northern half of the UK. Referring to the southeastern areas of the country, Ms Kirkwood warned despite the presence of a new weather front, “it looks like it’s going to be drier”.

Ms Kirkwood forecasted: “In the southeast we are looking at drier conditions after a cloudy start, we hang on the humid air as we come further south and east we could get up to 30C degrees today.

“South coast will hang on to some low cloud a bit longer, but it should break and we’ll see some sunshine here as well.

“Yesterday the Met Office verified our highest minimum temperature ever on the night of the 19th of July was 26.8C degrees in Shirburn Model Farm in Oxfordshire, making it the warmest overnight temperature on record in the UK.

“Most of us don’t see that temperature even by day!”

Referring to Wednesday’s morning, she added: “At the moment we’re not looking at temperatures like that, 20C degrees is what we’re starting with in London, 16C degrees in and around the urban area.

“Humid air is across our shores at the moment, but as we go through today a weather front, which is producing some rain, will sink southwards and fresh air will come in from the northwest.

“It’s moving northwards and eastwards, but it’s a waving front meaning that it’s then going to start to sink south and that’s when the fresh air will follow it behind.

“First of all, it will clear eastern Scotland but linger across the Northern Isles, it weakens a bit but as it comes south it will pop up along the band of rain.”

As we head into this evening and overnight, she said: “This is still our weather front, it’s weakening all the time as we it comes south.

“In the Channel Islands, we’ve got this bank of heavy thundery rain pushing up across the southeast where it will still be humid as we push further north.

“We need rain in the southeast, but we haven’t see any substantial amount for some time.”

Referring to tomorrow morning, she added: “That band of rain is going to be pushing across East Anglia and the southeast generally, it could clip the East Midlands and it will take its time before it eventually clears away completely probably into the afternoon.

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“Then behind drier conditions, some sunshine, but another weather front coming in across the northwest will introduce some thicker temperatures, 15C to about 25C degrees.

“Temperatures down a touch, but for some parts the day in the south will still feel quite humid.”

As we head into the weekend, she concluded: “We’ve got this first front crossing us bringing some sherry outbreaks of rain, this one giving us a bit of headache but it could bring some rain across the northern half of the country, especially Scotland during the course of the weekend.

“In the further south, it looks it’s going to be drier”.

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