BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns temperatures to plummet Really going to drop!

UK weather: Mild temperatures with mist and fog expected

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Carol Kirkwood has set out the forecast for the coming days with a warning that temperatures are to plummet as a new cold weather front moves in. The BBC weather presenter said that patchy rain was to sweep northern England and Northern Ireland on Monday. Patchy fog and low clouds will also be visible in parts of England and Wales and gale force winds are to sweep the far northwest.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Good morning everyone it’s a mild start to the day for most of us this morning.

“Most of us are in the high single figures or low double figures.

“Where we’ve got some clear skies that’s where the temperature is a little bit lower.

“But as well as a fair bit of mild weather around this morning we’ve also got a fair bit of rain.”

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She added: “This rain as it sinks southwards is weakening and there’s a lot of cloud ahead of it in fact across parts of England and Wales it’s not just low cloud we’ve also got some mist and some fog, some of which is dense.

“But through the morning, the rain will push out of southern Scotland it will brighten up with some sunshine behind it, and it’s exactly the same for Northern Ireland.

“You’ll see the back edge of that rain move away with sunshine coming through, but still a fair bit of cloud and still some mist and some fog to lift across the rest of England and also Wales.

“Now that will happen slowly through the course of the day.”

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns to brace for thunder and hail as temperatures drop

“Our weather front continues to advance slowly sinking southward, not much rain in it,” the meteorologist continued.

“Some drizzle across parts of Wales and the southwest to start with a wee bit of drizzle in the southeast as well and temperatures roughly 10 to about 13 degrees.

“The average at this time of the year mid-November is very roughly seven to 12 north to south.

“Now here’s our weather front as we go through the evening and overnight sinking south still with a fair bit of cloud and some spots of rain.”

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Ms Kirkwood said: “There will be some mist and fog patches forming as well but nowhere near as widespread as this morning and at the same time the wind will be picking up and we’ll be saying hello to a new weather front bringing some rain in across the Northwest.

“It’s not going to be a cold night for more store overnight lows between five and 10 degrees.

“So we pick up this boundary rain tomorrow coming in across Scotland and Northern Ireland, gusty winds with it particularly gusty,  gusty to gale force in the far north and west.

She added: “The temperature next week looks like it really is going to drop so warm coats back again.”

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