BBC Weather: Europe set for weekend scorcher with temperatures hotter than Brazil

BBC Weather’s Tomasz Schafernaker forecast sunny weather for most of Europe this weekend as Spain will reach 31C while Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will be 21C. But the Balkans will see heavy showers as the meteorologist said it’s at risk of flash flooding. Warsaw is expected to reach 17C.

Mr Schafernaker said: “Very warm weather continues across parts of western and central Europe.

“Fine weather across Scandinavia and big pressure here.

“But a totally different story in eastern parts of Europe, across the Balkans.

“There’s a lot of clouds and a great chance of catching some rain.

“Take a look at the spread of temperatures, we’re looking at the high 20s and mid 20s in London, only 17C expected in Warsaw.

“This is actually an area with very heavy rain, thunderstorms and potential for flash flooding.

“Further heavy showers around the Balkans on Sunday.”

Moscow and Kyiv will be much cooler than central Europe.

He continued: “On the other side of the Meditteranean, lots of sunshine here.

“Hot day in Madrid around 30C, that fine weather extends across into the UK as well right across into Scandinavia.”

The dry sunny weather is set to continue over the June bank holiday weekend, with temperatures forecast to hit 25C in some areas.

The fine weather is also likely to continue into early next week, the national forecaster said.


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Met Eireann’s Evelyn Cusack told RTE radio: “Over the next 10 days we are not going to get a lot of rain. We could have some showers springing up on Tuesday and next weekend but the dry sunny weather will stay in place for the weekend.

“It is going to get cooler and fresher during the week but the high temperatures will certainly continue this weekend.”

Ms Cusack urged people to put on sunscreen, particularly between noon and 3pm each day.

Meanwhile, people are being advised to ensure they cook their burgers until they are well done and avoid any food safety mishaps over the bank holiday.

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