BBC Weather: Extreme heat to boil Europe ahead of deluge of rain cooling continent

BBC Weather: Extreme heat continues across parts of Europe

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BBC Weather forecaster Nick Miller said Europe will experience extreme and severe heat over the next few days. He highlighted that Spain will continue to see some of the hottest temperatures before it rapidly cools down in the new week. Elsewhere in Europe, the heatwave continues, most notably parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

This new weather front is expected to move in from the west and spread throughout Europe in the new week.

Mr Miller said: “Near-record heat continues in eastern parts of Europe and especially parts of western Russia.

“Severe heat, extreme heat in Spain but after the weekend the heat here comes down quite a bit as we go into the new week.

“The satellite picture shows an area of low pressure that is arriving from the west.

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“It is going to turn things wetter across France into the United Kingdom.

“It will also introduce some cooler air to Spain.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that this hot weather will continue in the new week on the eastern side of Europe.

Temperatures will vary from 29C in Rome to 35C in Athens on Monday.

BBC Weather: Europe set for heatwave

Mr Miller continued: “For Monday there is a lot of dry weather around eastern parts of Europe.

“There will be a few sporadic showers and thunderstorms to be had and they will make their way into Italy.

“They will also occur in Spain and Portugal but that temperature will be 10 degrees lower than it was over the weekend at 30C.

“On the cool side for the time of year in central Europe.

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“This is very much true of France which has some clouds and outbreaks of rain.”

The weather forecaster noted that Scandinavian nations will continue to have hot weather in the new week.

He said: “There will be some heavy downpours in places and it is looking quite hot through Scandinavia.

“By Tuesday the heat will be expanding more widely across Scandinavia with more seeing that sunshine.”

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