BBC Weather: Hail, thunder and lightning across UK as torrential rain to batter Britain

BBC Weather forecasts showers and thunder across UK

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Helen Willetts told BBC News that that potent and slow-moving showers will move across the United Kingdom on Sunday. The BBC meteorologist that parts of Britain will see torrential downpours as showers rumble on throughout the day.

Ms Willetts said: “It looks like the most potent showers during the day on Sunday are across southern and eastern parts of the UK.

“The showers will be slow-moving, with hail, thunder and lightning again.

“It will be a torrential downpour so we need to keep an eye on those.

“Temperatures generally will be a degree down on Saturday due to that northern breeze.

“Although it is a fairly light breeze in southern areas.

“Those showers will rumble on through this evening but they do start to fade and it will be a fresher start for all and we will notice that difference on Monday morning.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast for the first week of August outlines a continued presence of low pressure in Europe.

BBC Weather wrote: “The large area of low pressure in place over northern Europe is expected to stick around through at least the first half of August as high pressure builds in the Atlantic and Central Russia.

UK weather: Met Office warns of thunderstorms and rain

“These two highs will tend to dominate the large-scale weather systems, meaning low pressure near us will become trapped over northern or north-eastern Europe.

“What this means for the UK is that we can expect a lot of cooler, wetter, and at times windier weather than what we typically see in the late summertime.

“The day-to-day weather will also be more changeable, with perhaps some dry, sunny breaks here and there.

“There doesn’t look to be any large changes in the weather pattern across the North Atlantic and Europe at least for the next few weeks, so we have high confidence that we will continue to see some cooler, unsettled weather into mid-August.”


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The forecast continued: “As weather fronts move through from the west or northwest, we may get a brief ridge of high pressure, but this shouldn’t last for more than a day.

“This is thanks to the sharper temperature contrast we anticipate will develop over Europe, with cooler air in the northwest and warmth in the southeast.

“These temperature contrasts help strengthen the jet stream, a ribbon of fast-moving air in the upper atmosphere.

“This, in turn, drives surface weather systems and makes them pass through us quicker.”

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