BBC Weather: Heavy showers and storms to batter Europe as hot temperatures begin to fall

BBC Weather: Europe set for heavy showers and lightning

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BBC Weather meteorologist Helen Willetts noted that there were still weather warnings in place for hot temperatures in the Mediterranean. However, they too will see some wet weather over the weekend and potentially thunderstorms. Central Europe will see the majority of the wet weather over the weekend.

This wet weather front is expected to be replaced by another wet weather front on Sunday.

Ms Willetts said: “There are still red warnings in force for south eastern Europe.

“This mostly applies to Crete and Greece.

“We do have this cold weather front going through during Friday which will introduce slightly cooler air.

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“But unfortunately but these brisker winds will exacerbate those wildfires.

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that parts of south eastern Europe will also experience some wet weather.

“With it, there will be some heavy showers with thunder and lightning.”

She said: “We have also got some more storms, there is a red warning out on Friday in Poland for that wet weather.

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“That wet weather also brought some flooding to lake Como in Italy.

“There will be some showers and thunderstorms around south eastern parts of Europe, a bit of a change here.

“Temperatures will also be down a few degrees in the Balkans during Friday and Saturday.”

The weather forecaster noted that central Europe will also experience heavy showers throughout Saturday.

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Ms Willetts continued: “More showers and rain and thunderstorms coming up across the Alps.

“It will push up into Scandinavia and Finland and is followed by the next system into Sunday.

“Temperatures do start to build again through the Mediterranean as we move into next week.”

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