BBC Weather: Snow to return as sub-zero chill sets in causing mercury to plummet across UK

BBC Weather: Cold weather to bring snow for parts of UK

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The forecaster noted the week will bring a significant shift in conditions after days of above-average temperatures for most of the country. A chill began to set in on Sunday, with temperatures expected to fall further as the week progresses. BBC Weather’s Chris Fawkes said the change is also likely to bring in more snow across both the north and the south of the UK.

Mr Fawkes said: “We’ve had quite a prolonger run of dry and sunny weather.

“Temperatures last week reaching as high as 21C but this week is set to get a lot colder.

“Cold enough for some of you to even see a little bit of snow later on in the week, would you believe it. For now, we’ve got quite a bit of cloud across the West Midlands, parts of Wales, west England working into the Irish Sea.

“Across the Isle of Man, and into eastern counties of Northern Ireland so a bit of mist with that, could find the odd patch of drizzle.”

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He continued: “Where we keep the clearest skies is cold with some patch of frost.

“For Monday, much of this cloud will tend to break up again, could be a few showers across central regions of the UK, perhaps one or two across the Pennines into the Southern Uplands.

“But for the vast majority, it’s dry again with temperatures on the warm side, 17C for Glasgow, 18C for London.

“That’s the last of the really warm days because on Tuesday, we’ll start seeing colder air seeping in across the far north of the UK.”

BBC Weather: Cooler temperatures to move across UK

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “Generally on Tuesday there would be a lot more cloud around and some showers – the showers kind of merge together to give longer spells of rain across the south coast of England but even then, there will be some areas that stay entirely dry with some still sunny spells.

“However, temperatures will start to come down and that process will continue as you go through Wednesday and Thursday.

“This cold front pushing southwards, we may see an area of low pressure develop and deepen as it transits the Uk. For Wednesday, cold outbreaks of rain, probably some snow in hills in Scotland and northern England. 


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In the south, we’re holding out onto relatively mild air but across more northern areas, five or six degrees for Newcastle and Aberdeen – factoring the wind.

According to WXChartsThere, “much colder air tucking in from the north” will set in from Wednesday and northern areas are predicted to see up to nine centimetres of snowfall.

By the early hours of Thursday morning, some areas in the UK will be hit with bitter temperatures as low as -7C.

Manchester is expected to have up to seven centimetres of snow according to snow depth charts while Birmingham will see between one and three centimetres.

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