BBC Weather: Summer is back in Britain as scorching temperatures to engulf nation

BBC Weather: Summer to ‘return’ as temperatures rise

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said the UK could expect boiling temperatures over the new week. He claimed that much of the UK will see temperatures in the high 20s with plenty of sunshine. For central England, temperatures could reach as high as 30C by Tuesday as well.

Mr Taylor said: “Summer is back, for a little while at least, this week.

“You might not think so at the moment if you are in southwest England or South Wales.

“It is a little bit misty and there are some dense patches of fog around.

“It will also be a bit damp across parts of northern England.

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“While most of us are dry some parts of the country will start on a bit of a wet note.”

The BBC weather forecaster noted that this wet weather would clear as the day goes on.

There will be some patches of wet weather for western Scotland in the afternoon but for the majority of the UK, it will be bright and sunny.

Mr Taylor continued: “Look at things into the afternoon, plenty of sunshine around across central and southern England.

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“This is also true of Wales and the midlands.

“Temperatures will be around 27 and 28C.

“Things will be warming up compared to yesterday in northern England.

“For Scotland and Northern Ireland, things will be a little bit cooler and a little bit of cloud but actually a drier day today.”

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Mr Taylor closed by saying: “tonight further south we will see some mist and fog across England.

“It will be a mild start to tomorrow but the temperatures will eventually push us into that hot category.

“It will be the warmest here since late July as temperatures, for some, will reach around 30C.”

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