BBC Weather: Temperatures plummet around UK as ‘persistent rain’ and frost thrash country

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor warned that though western Scotland may continue with the blue skies and dry weather, for many this week the weather will be a good deal cooler than it has been with a lot more cloud around. The presenter told BBC Breakfast viewers that particularly for England and Wales, it is set to turn much wetter too. Instead of high pressure, we’ve got areas of low coming up from the south, that’s why they’re largely targeting England and Wales.

Mr Taylor said: “Parts of Northern Ireland too will be affected but most of Scotland will stay largely dry through the week.

“To start today, the dampest conditions are around northern England, especially in around parts of west, south and east Yorkshire.

“Some rain into the north of Wales too, which is going to be slowly pushing its way southwards through the day, turning lighter and patchier.

“The southeast corner will have a fresh start with lots of sunshine again, clouding over a bit compared to recent days.”

He continued: “But sunshine comes back out across the northern half of the UK.

“There are a few showers across northern Scotland developing elsewhere across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

“The big change actually will be the temperatures here, which are well done on what we saw last week, just into the lower double figures.

“Whereas in the south-east corner, 19 to 20 Celcius still is still possible and pollen levels will have dropped.”

The weather presenter added: “As we go into this evening and overnight, there’s still some showers this evening which will largely fade away.

“Across parts of England and Wales, there’s some more persistent rain spreading up from the south later in the night.

“Temperatures around here will be about 10 degrees with the northern half of the UK with widespread but slight frost to take us into Tuesday morning.”

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Mr Taylor also told viewers: “So there’s a bit of a split in the forecast tomorrow for the northern half of the UK, which remains largely dry.

“In the southern half of the UK, we’ve got this weather system just pushing its way slowly northwards and eastwards.

“It does mean its those south of the M62 that are most likely to see chances of rain.

“There will be some that stay dry with the most persistent rain through east Wales and the midlands towards parts of Lincolnshire through the day.

“We could see as much as 25 millimetres, an inch of rain in one or two spots.”

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