BBC Weather: Thunder and heavy outbreaks of rain to spark flash floods across the UK

BBC Weather: Thunderstorms expected to sweep across the UK

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BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood also predicted temperatures ranging from 15c to 30c across the UK. Ms Kirkwood predicted outbreaks of thunderstorms in Scotland and the North West of England. Cooler conditions are expected at night this week, as temperatures dip slightly. And due to the incoming downpour, the Met Office has put out three weather yellow weather warnings out for flash floods.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Some of us are going to see some rain today, some of us have it at the moment.

“And as we go through this week, it’s going to be cooler than last week by quite a lot actually.

“There will be some thunderstorms in the forecast, some already starting with those thunderstorms.

“Especially coming out of this band of rain in Scotland, we’ve got a couple across North West England.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Through the Isle of Man and coming in off the coast of Wales.

“And as we go through the day, well it’s showers that we’re looking at across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“We’ve got some torrential downpours in a short amount of time, which could lead to some flash flooding.

“And we’ve also got- persistent rain which can also be thundery, moving slowly Eastwards across Scotland.

Met Office forecasts cooler weather as thunderstorms move in

Ms Kirkwood said: “Also a noticeable breeze coming from the North across the North and West of Scotland moving into Northern Ireland.

“And temperature-wise, well it’s a bit lower, we’re looking at 15 to about 21 degrees.

“But as we come South it still is going to be warm, temperatures are going to be above average for this stage in August.

“We could see a 30 somewhere around the London area.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Now through this evening and overnight, we continue with the rain drifting Eastwards.

“So there will still be some heavy thundery showers to contend with.

“And then we’ll have some more coming up across the South, but all these thundery showers are hit and miss, we won’t all catch one.

“Some of us will stay bone dry, and tonight well, we’re looking at overnight lows within 11 and 13, so still quite humid as we push down towards the South.”

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