BBC Weather: UK blasted with rain before temperatures soar for another 25C heatwave

BBC Weather: Rain forecast as temperatures rise

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Weatherman Matt Taylor told BBC Breakfast most of the UK can expect to see a cloudy and grey Monday morning as areas to the west of the country sees rain move in. But as the week develops, rain clouds will sweep across most of the UK with Tuesday seeing a wet day for many. Temperatures are expected to soar from Thursday onwards as forecasters predict another heatwave is on the horizon, making it a dry and warm day in the south.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Mr Taylor commented on a photo showing sunshine breaking through the clouds and said Monday for most people in the UK would be much cloudier and greyer.

He told the programme: “For most, it is fairly cloudy out there this morning.

“A grey start to your Monday and in some western areas, it is going to be a little bit on the wet side today.

“Let’s take a look where that rain is in the northern parts of Cornwall, Devon but more sliding in across Wales at the moment.

“Heaviest down across parts of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and that’ll push its way northwards and eastwards to the next few hours.

“We’ll see the odd splash of rain across parts of northwest England and also through the North Midlands but many other places will be dry.”

Mr Taylor then pointed out most of the rain will remain on the west coast for today.

He continued: “Most of that will fizzle a little bit but it will transfer northwards, could get a bit damper to the east of Northern Ireland and for some in southern Scotland today.

BBC Weather: Mixed conditions forecast for UK

“But north and northeast Scotland best of the Sunshine, some sunshine in East Anglia in the southeast where we see some of the highest of the temperatures.

“But continue to see a few spots of rain developing through the day, western parts of Scotland maybe a heavier one into the evening in the south.

“It will be a cloudier and damper end to the day for Northern Ireland too.

“Some rain on and off across the western parts of England and more especially in Wales.

“Further east you are you will stay dry throughout the day and the highest of the temperatures today, up to around 22C.”

The BBC weatherman then looked at the week beyond as rain starts to move over the country.

He added: “Now as you go through into this [Monday] evening and overnight, more in the way of rain will start to develop through England and Wales.

“Some heavier bursts will work its way up from the south and that will keep the temperatures up from falling too much.

“Skies clearest in the northeast of Scotland but through tomorrow particularly wet weather for England and Wales.

“Best of the driest temperatures weather this week, probably on Thursday.”

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