Beachgoer wants nudist ban after child got eyeful but is slammed as ‘insecure’

A beachgoer who has called for a ban on nudists after his grand-daughter allegedly saw a naked person has been branded "insecure."

The grandfather said he was with the youth at Hengistbury Head, near Bournemouth, Dorset when they encountered a nudist.

The man, named Gary Taylor, wrote a letter to the Bournemouth Echo, published online, where he branded the naturists "deviants" and "a disgrace."

But readers bit back, calling the prudish grandad "insecure," with one reader going to town on him, saying: "Gary so sad you feel insecure in your body but how about you stay away from the beach.

"Am sure you like bathing clothed and in the dark while rocking with anxiety about seeing a naked body, so did you burn your TV, your laptop too am sure you tune into PH and XHAM to report it too, or maybe it's next catalogue for you?"

Gary had written in calling for a nudist beach, to give naturists an area where they can gather so as not to "frighten children."

"I can tell spring has arrived as myself and my granddaughter were confronted by a nudist at Hengistbury Head," he wrote.

"Isn’t it about time these exhibitionists were banned from this beautiful area of sea and dunes?

"These people are a disgrace to our lovely area and are deviants."

He continued: "BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council) usually finds a grant for all their needs so, perhaps, this could be found.

"I suggest this Easter you get your photographer down there, then perhaps they would not be so brazen.

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"Most European towns and seaside places have a nudist beach and maybe this would help BCP Council fulfill their wish to become a city! No, don’t laugh."

One more liberal Dorset citizen replied to Mr Taylor saying: "There is a difference between an exhibitionist and a naturist:

"The exhibitionist Wants to be noticed and does it to be seen and noticed. He or she may not even be naked and may wear something in order to draw attention.

"The Naturist does not care whether they are seen and would prefer it if you took no notice."

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Another person told the Bournemouth grandfather: "It's legal to be naked on any beach in the UK, so rather than living in the dark ages, why not teach your granddaughter the benefits of being body positive and how being naked itself is natural and not sexual!"

"I'm not really excited about nudists, but what really scares me is those purists and alarmists. You clearly fit in this box," another chipped in.

"Garry, be happy with your own body, not be jealous of what others have," added someone else, as another added furthermore: "Live and let live."

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