Beautiful and funny single mum dies of cancer year after getting all-clear

A single mum-of-six has tragically passed away from cervical cancer after she was again diagnosed with the disease less than a year after getting the all-clear.

"Beautiful and funny" Victoria Ayes, 37, was determined to make memories with her children when she beat cancer for the first time, but she was told she was terminal just 11 months later.

She died on 12 July after the disease spread to her kidney, pelvis, and stomach from her cervix.

Her body was left paralysed and needing two kidney bags.

According to Victoria's cousin, Chris Murray, the full-time mum had no symptoms when she became ill "out of the blue" in December 2019.

The 33-year-old said she had lost a lot of weight when they saw each other in the days before Christmas.

Both were left devastated when Victoria was diagnosed with Stage 3 cervical cancer, with doctors telling her she needed to start treatment immediately in order to save her life.

After being given a 30 to 50% chance of survival, she beat the odds and was able to ring the bell at Preston Royal Hospital on 9 April last year.

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"It was incredibly emotional", said Chris, who spoke of Victoria's charity walk to Wales in a bid to raise funds so she could enjoy her time with her six children and "have unforgettable memories".

She moved from her home in Blackburn, Lancashire, down to Wales, to "enjoy pate and toast", which was one of the things on her bucket list.

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Tragically, by March 2021, her condition had deteriorated rapidly and the cancer had spread to other vital organs.

In a touching tribute, Chris said: "We are all just completely heartbroken by what happened. Victoria was too young and too good.

"Vickie was a fun-loving mum, she was the life and soul of the party. She was very happy all of the time. Her kids were her life, she would do everything for them.

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"We'll always remember her, no one will ever forget her.

"I will remember her as being a happy, beautiful, and a good mum."

He said the family were completely devastated when Victoria's cancer returned and he was unable to be by her side.

Chris, from Preston, Lancashire, said: "When she rang the bell, we thought she was getting better, we wanted her to make all of these memories with her kids.

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"We never expected Vickie to die from this, never. We just wanted to focus on the walk and make sure they had the best time together.

"But she became so poorly she was barely conscious and people couldn't visit her."

The brave mum was able to celebrate her 37th birthday with her children just a week before she passed away.

Now her six children Davina, Michael, Matthew, Megan, Amelia and C-J, will live with Vickie's mum Theresa and her stepfather Gary.

Her funeral took place yesterday (Saturday 17 July) in Conwy County, Wales.

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