Best Denver breweries serving German, Belgian and Mexican-style beers

The idea of International Beer Day (Aug. 5) can be interpreted two ways. One is that the global drinking community celebrates the bubbly beverage together on a specific day. Two is that it’s a day to indulge in styles representative of the international brewing diversity.

Either way you slice it, Denver is a great place to celebrate. According to a recent survey by VacationRenter, the Mile High City ranks among the top 10 cities globally in which to enjoy International Beer Day. The destination booking site polled 1,000 users and leveraged experts who had visited drinking hot spots to determine the best places to raise a pint.

Denver ranked among the world’s foremost beer cities like Munich, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Prague, Czech Republic; Dublin, Ireland; and Reykjavik, Iceland, where the beverage is intertwined with centuries of cultural history. Rounding out the top 10 were cities on this side of the pond, including Chicago, Portland, Ore., Grand Rapids, Mich., and Asheville, N.C.

Now that calls for a toast!

In addition to boasting more than 100 breweries, Denver is a great place to imbibe styles that harken to European, Mexican and indigenous traditions. In honor of International Beer Day, we’ve created a list of watering holes that will satisfy your thirst for international-style beers.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus

This RiNo destination specializes in German-style beers, specifically lagers, and is known for its refreshing Slow Pour Pils and Helles. Steins and stanges here are best enjoyed in the brewery’s massive biergarten with a Bavarian pretzel. 2875 Blake St., Denver.

Bruz Beers

Fans of Belgian beers can find more than a dozen of them on tap at Bruz Beers’ two locations in North Denver and near Cheeseman Park. That includes fruit-forward ales, a variety of effervescent witbiers and a whole menu section of sours. 1675 W. 67th Ave., #100, Denver and 1495 York St., #101, Denver.

Cohesion Brewing Co.

This year-old brewery in Clayton embraces Czech tradition not only in its style portfolio, but also in how beers are served. Order your lager in either a snyt (pronounced “shnit,” meaning half-foam) or mlíko pour (pronounced “mlee-ko,” meaning full-foam). 3851 Steele St., Denver.

Dos Luces Brewery

Dos Luces specializes in chicha and pulque, two fermented beverages from the Incan and Aztec cultures, respectively. Chicha is a beer made from corn, while pulque is made by spontaneously fermenting the sap of the maguey plant. This Platt Park brewery boasts several varieties of each, as well as unique recipes like a hybrid hazy IPA-chicha. 1236 S. Broadway, Denver.

Hogshead Brewery

For a decade, Hogshead Brewery has been a destination for English-style beers, including many that are cask-conditioned. That means they’re served on draft from a cask, or small barrel, where the beer undergoes secondary fermentation. These beers, known as the traditional drink of the British pub, are typically lower in carbonation. 4460 W. 29th Ave., Denver.

Raíces Brewing Co.

Raíces means “roots” in Spanish, and those roots run deep at this brewery on the Platte River, where drinkers can find Latin flavors infused into the menu. Examples include its Cinnamon Horchata Ale, Manguito (a mango fruit beer), and Cosecha chili pepper beer. 2060 W. Colfax Ave., Denver.

Wah Gwaan Brewing Co.

Tropical inspiration runs through the menu at Lincoln Park’s Wah Gwaan, which in Jamaican patois means “what’s up” or “how are you?” Expect lots of fruits and spices in these beers, such as the Trop Queen, a Kölsch with jackfruit; Where’s My Elephant, a hazy IPA with coconut and curry; and Like a Boss, a Hefeweizen with durian. 925 W. 8th Ave., Denver.

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