Bikini model who once sued rapper Chris Brown now battling Putin in Ukraine

A glam bikini model who hit headlines after she sued rapper Chris Brown has travelled to war-torn Ukraine to help save wounded civilians.

Liziane Gutierrez, who famously battled Chris Brown in 2016 over an alleged altercation in Las Vegas, has become the latest model to help fight against Putin.

The Brazilian stunner, who has more than a million followers, has been documenting her mission of delivering food and medicine to surviving Ukrainians on Instagram.

She jetted off from Los Angeles to Krakow, Poland, earlier this month before crossing into the besieged nation to help those who are struggling since Russia's full-scale invasion.

“I decided to come too because I couldn’t just watch what was happening from my house and do nothing,” she said.

“Of course I’m scared when I’m inside Ukraine, but when I help someone I feel that I’m doing the right thing.

“We take stuff to different places, like this hospital in Chervonohrad, some police stations in Lviv and Lutsk, and schools as well.”

Ms Gutierrez claimed that those delivering food and aid were now accompanied by police escorts after the Russian army had captured some volunteers.

But the scariest thing was the air-raid sirens, she said.

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“When I hear the siren, it is super scary because we don’t know exactly what to do,” she said.

“It is impossible to get used to.”

Photos and videos show Ms Gutierrez and fellow volunteers loading up supplies in a car, ready for distribution in Ukraine.

Further images show her with donated goods in a Lviv warehouse, and posing with a rescued family who had crossed into Zosin, Poland.

She continued: “The Ukrainian people see us volunteers as heroes.

“Sometimes I feel like crying when I see families breaking apart – men over 18 years old can’t get out of Ukraine.

“I see all the time families with just a backpack and the documents in their hands leaving everything behind.

“But we can’t cry, we are here to give support to these families.”

It’s unclear how many foreigners have travelled to Ukraine to assist in a humanitarian capacity.

However, in an update on March 6, the Ukrainian government said it had received 20,000 applications from foreigners looking to fight against Russia.

Ms Gutierrez was said to have received around $70,000 (£50,000) in compensation after alleging in 2016 that a member of Brown’s entourage assaulted her at a luxury party hosted by the musician.

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