Billionaire now richer than Jeff Bezos and only second to wealthy Elon Musk

Amazon's mega-rich Jeff Bezos has been knocked down to the third richest man in the world.

Indian businessman, Gautam Adani has climbed above the Blue Origin owner in the money stakes thanks to his jaw-dropping fortune of about £136.5billion.

Now the only person standing between him and being the world's wealthiest tycoon is Tesla founder Elon Musk, who, with a net worth close to a whopping £244.5b, leaves his rival in the dust.

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The news comes after Adani, who founded the Adani Group, managed to double his entire fortune in 2021.

The mogul made his riches in oil and gas, food processing, transport and mining, among other endeavours.

Adani controls India's largest private port, Mundra Port, in Gujarat where he lives, and is also the country's biggest airport operator after he bagged a 74% stake in Mumbai International Airport.

In February he became Asia's richest person after he beat fellow industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

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And despite his riches, Adani founded the Adani Foundation in 1996 and through the charity donated around £10 million to India's Covid relief fund and bought around 90 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen from Saudi Arabia to help hospitals through the health crisis.

But it's not all doom and gloom for Bezos, who still has a vast fortune of £128.6b to his name.

The Amazon founder even made money during the pandemic, stashing away about £20 billion thanks to swathes of people being stuck at home with nothing better to do than shop.

But the retail tycoon's highest-ever profit came in 2004 when his comparatively paltry net worth rose a whopping 104% from £2.5b to £5.1b.

Bezos, similarly to Adani, made an eye-watering donation to food banks in America during the pandemic, giving away around £90m of his wealth – equating to less than 0.1% of his wealth.

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