Boeing 727 bomb attack saw eight-month-old baby sucked out of plane at 11,000ft

An eight-month old baby and three others were sucked out of a passenger jet in a horrific bombing that tore a hole through its side mid-flight.

In 1986, TWA flight 840 was soaring over Greece at 11,000 feet when a bomb detonated and ripped a six feet by three feet hole under a window in front of the wing.

It is understood the bomb blew up at floor level in the passenger compartment.

Tragically, four bodies were sucked out of the Boeing 727 and found 87 miles southwest of Athens.

Three of the bodies were from the same Greek-American family, thought to be a grandmother, her daughter and her granddaughter.

The body of a male passenger who had been sucked out of the plane with his seat was also discovered by police.

Everyone else on the plan survived, including 118 passengers and crew members.

Captain Richard Petersen, the hero pilot, managed to make an emergency landing and alerted the control tower in Athens that air pressure on the plane was failing.

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"We are proud of him," said a TWA source at the time.

Miraculously only seven passengers had to be taken to hospital upon landing.

Ibrahim al-Nami, from Saudi Arabia, claimed he had been sitting next to the tragic man who was sucked out of his seat.

"We heard a big bang outside the window," he said, "and then I saw the man next to me disappear and I felt myself being pulled out."

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The lucky passenger was able to stay in the plane by clutching on to his wife's seat.
Another person on board managed to cheat death by going to the toilet just a few minutes before the explosion.

Passengers on board the bombed plane hailed the crew and captain as heroes and praised staff for staying calm during the ordeal.

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