Boris Johnson’s bizarre ‘hole in a stained-glass window’ response to topless pic

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Boris Johnson gave a bizarre response to his lover's topless picture as Jennifer Arcuri lifted the lid on their affair for the first time.

After the businesswoman text him a racy snap, the Prime Minister responded that it was "enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window".

This is the first time the blonde American has openly admitted she was lovers with Mr Johnson, claiming they embarked on a four-year affair that began in 2012 and would meet once a week when their romance was at its height.

She told the Sunday Mirror: "We were in an intimate relationship for four years. I loved him, and with good cause. But the man I thought I knew doesn't exist any more."

The pair originally met in 2011 when Jennifer was a business student, and they exchanged numbers before later going for a drink at a London restaurant.

Jennifer, 36, says the pair first slept together in her London flat – which had a pole dancing pole fitted – hours before he sat between then-wife Marina Wheeler and Princess Anne at the 2012 London Paralympics opening ceremony.

The tech entrepreneur said that during their first tryst he "couldn't keep his hands off her" and said there was a "physical and intellectual attraction" between the pair.

Jennifer said Mr Johnson had not wanted to leave to go to the Paralympics opening, forcing her to tell him: "You're supposed to be on stage and on TV in a few hours.

"Now, I'm pushing you out the door with all of your mayoral bric a brac, the lanyard with the big badge, and the lapel pins."

She said: "He was clearly distraught because he wanted to stay. I think I couldn't even find his sock – it was just the most bizarre experience."

Even while attending the Paralympics event Mr Johnson was texting Jennifer "all night", according to his then-lover.

Jennifer said of their romance: "I was completely in control. I could tell this man was so excited beyond words to see me. It gave me the upper hand.

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"He'd say: 'You are the most beautiful woman, I can't stop thinking about you, but I love hearing what you have to say.

"'Of course I love your body, and your face, and your breasts, but you are a very clever woman and I feel so honoured you would have me in your life'.

"I did whatever I could find to convince myself I wasn't falling for this man but, on some level, I knew."

After their first date in London, during which he asked her to borrow £3.10, she claims he stroked her leg under the table and pleaded with him to go home with her.

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Jennifer claims Mr Johnson begged her to kiss him in the street, declaring: "This is my city, I don't care."

But she is critical about how Mr Johnson failed to stand up for her after criticisms of favouritism when she was allowed on official trade trips during his time as London Mayor.

Jennifer said: "It's embarrassing. What a child. You can't get on the phone and say: 'Look Jen, this is crazy, welcome to politics'?

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"He just took the most cowardly, wet noodle of approaches. This is who he is and it's about time we recognised that.

"A great leader is charismatic, courageous and brave. None of these words I would use to describe Boris Johnson."

The blonde suggested she ended their four-year affair in 2016 after becoming fed up with being "a back-up plan".

She said: "I wasn't going to be a back-up plan, of the last 747,000th on his list to deal with."

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Jennifer's links to Mr Johnson came under public scrutiny over allegations she received "preferential treatment" for her business ventures while the latter was London Mayor.

Investigations were launched over the pair's links, with the tech entrepreneur handed £126,000 in public grants and invited on overseas trade missions with the now-Prime Minister to Indonesia and Israel.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct said there was no evidence he had committed the criminal offence of misconduct in public office but he may have breached the 'Nolan Principles', a set of ethical principles people in public office are expected to adhere to.

Jennifer insists she was invited on the trade trips on merit as a member of the London tech scene.

A spokesman for Number 10 said it had "nothing further to add" to Jennifer's claims.

The Prime Minister has previously never confirmed or denied that the pair were involved in an affair.

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