Boss pays staff £66k minimum and tells companies to respect employees

A bloke who pays his staff a minimum of £66,000 per year for their work has called for other companies to step up and pay fairly.

CEO Dan Price of Gravity Payments has revealed he offers a very attractive financial package to employees with a hefty salary of £66,000 ($80,000) as the entry-level fee.

Remote and flexible working is available too, as well as paid parental leave, which Price believes other companies should start offering to employees.

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The Gravity Payments CEO took to Twitter and added that companies should "treat them with respect" and cough up some extra cash for their hard work and dedication.

Price wrote to his 764k followers, saying: "My company pays an $80k min wage, let's people work wherever they want, has full benefits, paid parental leave, etc.

"We get over 300 applicants per job. 'No one wants to work' is a hell of a way of saying 'companies won't pay workers a fair wage and treat them with respect'."

The CEO shared that same post to his Instagram page too, where he was innundated with comments from people asking if he was hiring.

One went as far to say: "If I ever move back to the states I would love to work for you."

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Another commented: "Last year you had a 70k minimum! It's insane you're doing this and the majority of CEOs are crying poor and blaming everything but themselves. Don't stop being you Dan!"

The successful CEO took the time to slam "entry-level" jobs too, taking to Twitter and slating companies that have listings for entry-level positions that require previous experience, LADBible reported.

Price wrote: "It's a regular job that is trying to exploit experienced workers for entry-level pay."

Just recently, the CEO took a pay cut so that each of his employees received a "fair" wage, praising his employees' attitude during the pandemic which made it easier to survive the tougher, financially strained times for his business.

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