Boulder police make first arrest in connection with University Hill riot

Boulder police have made their first arrest in relation to the University Hill riot on Saturday.

University of Colorado Boulder student Henry M. Chardack, 20, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and engaging in a riot, according to a release. The trespassing charge is a felony; the other two counts are misdemeanors.

Chardack was booked and released Wednesday on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond, and is set for a formal filing of charges on Friday.

An estimated 500 to 800 college-aged people gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street on Saturday evening in a large outdoor party that became destructive, with people flipping a car and damaging other vehicles and property.

A Boulder armored SWAT vehicle eventually arrived on scene to disperse the crowd, but the truck was damaged and three officers suffered minor injuries.

According to an affidavit, Chardack’s attorney contacted police on Monday and said Chardack wanted to turn himself in.

In an interview with police, Chardack said he had heard about a party on University Hill through texts and “word of mouth,” and went with some of his friends. Chardack told police he was near the car that was flipped, and helped to kick out its back window and then went into the car and grabbed a T-shirt.

According to the affidavit, Chardack’s attorney provided footage that showed him entering the flipped car.

Chardack said he was home at his place on the Hill by the time police arrived to break up the riot. He said he could see what happened, but did not participate at that point.

Police reviewed the video Chardack sent and were able to identify him kicking the car window and then entering the flipped car.

Boulder police said they are continuing their investigation into 10 other identified individuals who were involved in riot-related crimes and anticipate additional arrests in the coming days.

Police said they have received hundreds of tips, and continue to release photos attempting to identify those involved in the riots.

In a release, police released more photos of suspects, including one man who reportedly threatened to shoot officers.

In a meeting with University of Colorado Boulder and city leadership on Wednesday, Chancellor Phil DiStefano apologized for the “shameful mob” and said he was embarrassed, angry and saddened by the incident.

Mayor Sam Weaver also expressed his disappointment over the “violence, property damage and chaos that ensued as off-campus parties, already in violation of public health orders, grew out of control.”

“The resulting disturbance, and frankly, riotous behavior cast a negative light on Boulder and the university and threatens to setback the progress our community has painstakingly made in combatting COVID-19,” Weaver said.

Anyone with information, photos or video is asked to contact police by visiting

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