Boy left so scared by terrifying ghost girl photobomb he cant sleep alone

A young boy has been left horrified after a "ghost girl" appeared in a playground snap shot that scared him so much he couldn't sleep.

Instead the youngster had to spend the night in his mum's room after an eerie photobomb left Kristian Ashmore, 12, absolutely horrified.

Older brother Gabriel Ashmore, 14, had sent a picture of Kristian beaming in front of a set of tyres, but the 12-year-old spotted what he believed was a cobweb near his head.

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Zooming in on the image revealed not cobwebs but the eerie face of a young girl which appeared to be looming over his shoulder.

Mum Ayesha Wilson-Bent, 36, decided that her youngsters couldn't have edited the photo that showed off the ominous face in the background.

Kristian was so terrified by the snap however that he had to spend the night in his mum's room, with social media users split on whether the image is doctored or genuine.

Ayesha said: "I do believe in ghosts but I was a little sceptical. I was like 'there must be a reason for this', so I asked them if they'd added the face on Photoshop. They were both adamant that they hadn't.

"Kristian was looking at the picture and zooming in on his face. He thought there was a cobweb next to him so he looked at it closely."

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The 36-year-old continued: "Kristian was terrified. He ended up sleeping in my room that night, he was so scared."

Sharing the image to a Facebook group, the mum said that the response to the image has been mixed, saying that "a lot of people think it's real but a lot of other people were like 'no, it's photoshopped, it's fake'."

One commenter who seemingly believed the mum said: "Sod people's negative opinions, if you know it's real, that's all that matters."

Another was less impressed though, saying: "Amateur editor at work here…the face was clearly placed there."

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