Cafe owner near public sex hotspot says its worse when warmer weather comes

A riled cafe owner whose business is right beside a public sex hotspot said she is sick of cleaning other people's "sex litter."

Her husband once helped pick up litter at the back of the cafe and ended up with enough discarded "sex toys" to fill a bag, Sharon Wherrett, who owns Big Baps cafe, just off the M62 at Brighouse, West Yorkshire, said.

Today (March 19) at around 9am, she saw two men "nip down into the bushes", but generally, it is a quiet day – but she's expecting things to get busier.

"Once the warmer weather comes…." she adds.

Speaking to YorkshireLive, A woman, who doesn't want to be named, gives her age as 54 and says: "Call me a concerned resident."

She added: "I do feel for the ladies [in the cafe] who see it every day. My husband saw a man who ran out (of the woodland near the layby) who was totally naked. He ran into traffic covering his bits.

"It happened during the day. It was just odd."

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The cafe owner said that people have been meeting in the woodland behind the building for a number of years, but previously it was mostly after dark.

Sharon added: "It carries on now during the day. That's when it became a problem. My daughter once saw a man with his genitals out."

Picking up rubbish with a plastic grabber, she added: "I have got to do it, I have no choice. I don't like doing it. I clean around the cafe because they (the council) won't pick it up.

"I don't want to encourage rats. This is not our rubbish."

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