Campaigner wants people to stop washing to save Earth from ecological crisis

Crusties want people to stop washing to save the planet.

They are kicking up a stink about how much water we use and reckon we should cut back on showers.

Green campaigner Lucy Siegle, who reports for The One Show, said: “There’s no doubt about it – if you cut your water use, you will be doing the Earth a massive favour.

“But I’m going to be honest here. This win-win does create one loser, and that is cleanliness.

“The truth is, you cannot have exemplary hydrology and hygiene. But we are in an ecological crisis, so it’s time to lower your standards.”

That will involve limiting showers, cutting shampoo use, avoiding baths, flushing the toilet only “when necessary” and not bothering to wash pans used for eggs and pasta.

She also recommends washing only 20 items of clothing per month, cleaning towels once every fortnight and reusing mop and bucket water.

Lucy wrote in an article entitled Time To Get Down And Dirty – And Help The Planet: “Two minutes in the shower is plenty.

“A two-minute shower could use more than 20 litres of water, so this is your new time limit.

“I advise a waterproof shower timer. You can get them from Amazon for a few pounds.”

Lucy, 46, added: “Washing less has now become so fashionable that Hollywood actors are showing off about it.

“Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis say that they don’t wash much, and Drew Barrymore says that she doesn’t give her children baths at weekends.

“These modern-day Swampies could also be helping the planet.”

Singer Taylor Swift has confessed she doesn’t wash her legs because she reckons shaving them is equivalent to giving them a scrub.

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