Cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer tried to turn victims into zombie love slaves

The Milwaukee cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer told the FBI he wanted to create "love slaves" by turning them into zombies.

Dahmer told investigators his "sole purpose for living, the driving force behind his existence, was his need for pleasure".

Dahmer brutally murdered 17 people between 1978 and 1991.

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He cut body parts off most of his victims and kept them as trophies and in some cases even ate parts of his victims for sexual gratification.

Dahmer almost exclusively targeted the LGBT community, and most of his victims were either Hispanic or black and would lure them back to his apartment under false pretences before spiking drinks he served them.

He would then attempt to keep them alive while completely incapacitating them by drilling a hole into his victims' frontal lobe and pouring acid into it.

According to author Gisela K, who wrote a book on Dahmer called "The Milwaukee Monster," he wanted to "wipe out their consciousness while keeping them alive".

He also tried to freeze-dry some of the victims so he could continue having sex with them, FBI documents reveal.

Dahmer told investigators he didn't want to murder his victims as that was the "least satisfactory part".

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Gisela quotes him in her book as saying: "I did not enjoy doing that. That's why I tried to create living zombies with uric acid in the drill, but it never worked."

"I just wanted to have the person under my complete control, not having to consider their wishes, being able to keep them there as long as I wanted,” he allegedly said.

It was all about compulsive sexual fantasies that he tried to drown with alcohol and satisfy with pornography, Gisela said.

Dahmer was recently portrayed by actor Evan Peters in the series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which looks set to be one of Netflix's most streamed shows of the year.

It controversially re-enacts some of the more graphic sexual elements of Dahmer's murders.

FBI documents reveal Dahmer said his "sole purpose for living, the driving force behind his existence was his need for pleasure."

Dahmer arrested on July 22, 1991, after one of his victims escaped and informed the police.

In 1992 he was handed 15 life sentences for his wide ranging crimes.

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