Cat discovers neighbour’s doorbell camera at night and comes to say ‘hello’

A curious cat has made a night time adventure to its neighbour's house by popping up at their security camera for a surprise visit.

Doorbell security camera company Ring shared the hilarious encounter on its YouTube channel in October, showing the black feline venturing on its own and reaching the neighbour's window.

Once the motion detector is on, the screen shows the animal jumping on a chair by the front door and poking its head around as if to look for its friend.

At some point, it seems to realise the camera and takes a step back with a cautious stare into the lens.

The recording cuts when the moggie taps its feet onto the window frame, hoping to find a way in.

Viewers loved the adorable footage, which was captioned: "No Superstition Here! Neighborhood Cat Comes By To Say Hello Via Ring Video Doorbell."

One joked: "The cat wants to get his treats first before anyone else."

"I love the cat’s cute facial expression," another said.

This comes after a student has "smuggled" her cat to university when the pet refused to leave her alone.

The video shows the adorable cat sitting quietly inside the owner's desk drawer and watching her during the class.

She said her cat Ba Dun was giving her looks and cuddles the whole morning and she couldn't bear to leave him at home.

And another daft feline was caught on pet camera setting its own tail on fire and then calmly watching it go up in flames.

A cheeky cat keeps stealing random strangers' underwear – including bras and knickers – and hiding them in her owner's house.

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