‘Chaos’ at theme park as visitors ‘queue for hours’ in blazing heat

A theme park has been slammed for a day of "absolute chaos" after visitors complained they had to wait more than "two hours" in searing heat to get in.

Chessington World of Adventures (CWoA) in southwest London reportedly struggled to cope with the crowds yesterday, Monday, with many visitors saying they gave up trying to enter and left for home with "crying children".

Furious parents bemoaned "queues you can't see the end of" and having to wait for more than two hours in the scorching heat to get admitted.

"We left, it was just crazy. We didn't even join [the queue] as it was just building, building, building. We saw no staff in the queue," Mark Taylor, who had planned a day out with his three kids, told SurreyLive.

"There was just no way we could have sat in the queue for three hours (which is what one person claimed it took to get in). Chessington has offered to allow us to rebook."

Many others took to social media to vent their frustrations.

One tweeted: "Absolute chaos. Queues you can't see the end of, over an hour to get in. We've given up and are leaving with crying children."

According to another Twitter user, two employees taking the temperature of every person entering the park however the park has said this was not the case but would not say how many employees were assigned to carry out the checks.

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"So now we're two hours here, not entered, and in the queue for a bag check. Only two people taking temps currently for the WHOLE park. Something has failed here, and I can't understand how Chessington believes this is normal," Mikey_bt posted to Twitter.

A spokesperson for the theme park said it welcomed "the same number of guests" as every other day last week and put the queues down to lots of people arriving at the same time.

"Having welcomed today the same number of guests to the resort that we have done each day over the last week during half term, the reason for the queue this morning was as a result of a large proportion of today's guests arriving at the same time," they said.

"Staff were present (more than the 'two people taking temperature checks' as reported) and we subsequently opened another entrance to clear the queue as quickly as possible, while still carrying out our usual security and COVID checks."

Under the Covid safety measures mentioned on the website, it states: "As well as our staff undergoing daily, non-contact temperature checks, we will also ask you (aside from babies and toddlers) to participate in such checks as a condition of entry to the Resort."

According to CWoA, the theme park has reduced the number of guests that are let in each day with pre-booked tickets only, and queues are socially distanced.

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