Charles takes a tumble before COP26 speech giving viewers minor heart attack

Prince Charles nearly fell flat on his face while walking up the stage to give a speech at the COP26 summit.

The Prince of Wales attended the conference in Glasgow to tell world leaders that a "war-like footing" is needed to tackle the climate crisis.

But before he could make the speech, cameras caught the awkward moment the 72-year-old royal nearly lost his footing on stage.

As the host announced he was the next guest, the heir-to-the throne headed to the stairs while holding a piece of paper but then appeared to trip.

Charles looked back for a second then turned to check if he dropped anything before giving his speech.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the moment and took to Twitter, commenting on his near-fall on the way to the podium.

One said: "Minor heart attack as Prince Charles nearly fell over."

"Whoops, Prince Charles just took a little tumble on the way to the COP26 podium!" a second wrote.

"Prince Charles almost does a Kinnock stepping up on the podium," a third penned while a fourth joked: "Prince Charles stumbling going up the steps was quite hilarious. He didn't see the funny side of it."

Charles concluded his speech, telling world leaders: "Any leader who has had to confront such life-threatening challenges knows that the cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of prevention.

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"So, I can only urge you, as the world's decision-makers, to find practical ways of overcoming differences so we can all get down to work, together, to rescue this precious planet and save the threatened future of our young people."

He also added that a clear strategy is needed to speed up innovative solutions getting to market, along with a reduction in risk to boost private investment and said this framework is offered in his Sustainable Markets Initiative.

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