Chernobyl horror as Putin troops inhaled clouds of radioactive dust while seizing plant

Russia could use Chernobyl to 'blackmail' Europe says expert

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Workers from the site have said that the invading forces “kicked up clouds of radioactive dust” despite wearing no radiation protection, reported The Mirror.

Radiation levels at the power plant have gone up since the invasion, although both Ukraine and the International Atomic Energy Agency have stopped receiving data from the site

Two Chernobyl workers have spoken to Reuters about their experiences working at the site under threat from the Russians.

They reported that Putin’s troops drove through the site without any protection from the radiation and kicked up the radioactive dust, branding their behaviour “suicidal”.

Moscow has claimed they have taken over Chernobyl in order to prevent “nuclear provocations”, and have not commented on the accounts from the Ukrainian workers.

The Kremlin has denied putting the nuclear facilities at risk.

Both of the Ukrainian men saw Russian tanks rolling through the Red Forest, near the most radioactive part of the power plant, the report claimed.

One man said: “A big convoy of military vehicles drove along a road right behind our facility and this road goes past the Red Forest.

“The convoy kicked up a big column of dust. Many radiation safety sensors showed exceeded levels.

Chernobyl’s acting general Valery Seida was informed about the Russians presence in the contaminated area.

He said: “Nobody goes there…for God’s sake. There is no one there.”

The invading troops were reportedly warned about the dangers of the radiation in the area but ignored the advice.

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Both of the Chernobyl employees, who asked to be kept anonymous for their own safety, said they were forced to stay and work at the plant for nearly a month before replacement workers were brought in.

The Ukraine State Agency of Management of the Exclusion Zone said they had not had working sensors since February 27.

On that date, reported radiation levels were seven times higher than normal.

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