Clumsy dad sets table on fire as he tries to set up a barbecue during heatwave

A clumsy dad accidentally ruined his family's bank holiday grill by setting his garden table on fire in a hilarious barbecue fail.

Robert Cameron, wife Marie and their son Grant planned to have a nice dinner out in the basking sun in Glasgow, Scotland, yesterday (May 31).

But the plan did not go to plan when Robert's disposable barbecue caught on fire and filled the entire garden with smoke.

Footage shared by Grant shows the helpless dad trying to salvage the burger patty and sausages as the flame spreads wider across the wooden table.

And things go from bad to worse when he attempts to put out the fire with a towel.

The table is set alight and Marie can be heard asking: "Oh for goodness sake Robert. Should I go get some water?"

Grant can't stop chuckling while telling his mum to get a damped cloth instead.

Robert, meanwhile, looks completely clueless as he watches the table and the barbecue set getting engulfed in flames.

Grant told Daily Record: "We didn’t have BBQ so decided to go buy a wee disposable makeshift one.

"Everything started off fine but after a while we noticed there was a lot of smoke.

"At first we didn’t think anything of it, and that’s when the flames started.

"My mum and dad began to panic as I sat there and laughed.

"He began to hit the flames with the towel but that just made it worse."

Eventually the family had to put out the fire with a garden hose.

"The smoke had filled up the entire garden we all started coughing," he added. "When we put it out we discovered that it actually burned through the table we had it on."

Luckily they were able to enjoy their grilled burgers and chicken, but they had to dispose of the burnt table.

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