Colorado jury trials delayed through August as state recovers from pandemic

As Colorado businesses and government agencies slowly return to work, citizens in most of the state will not be asked to serve on a state jury until at least August.

“Notwithstanding substantial modifications to public health guidelines and local executive orders, jury pools still cannot be safely assembled in many of the judicial districts and courtrooms throughout the state,” Nathan B. Coats, chief justice for the Colorado Supreme Court, wrote in an order Monday.

The amended order extends the jury ban until Aug. 3, though judicial districts are able to apply for a waiver in consultation with local health officials. El Paso County received such a waiver Monday and will resume jury trials in limited numbers on July 6.

“Chief Judges are encouraged to make every effort to devise approaches for the safe conduct of limited jury trials in their districts consistent with health guidelines and local executive orders concerning assembly and personal contact and to seek waivers from this prohibition against the assembly of jury pools,” Coats wrote.

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