Coronavirus lockdown around the world in pictures

Coronavirus has now infected more than four million people globally, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

Many countries have been in lockdown since at least March, but some are beginning to ease restrictions.

That must be done carefully, the World Health Organization warns, otherwise it risks a resurgence of infections.

Nonetheless, billions remain largely at home, and many are struggling with the economic and social consequences.

In Syria, churches and mosques in government-held areas are permitted to open again after being closed for almost two months. The government has confirmed 47 cases of coronavirus in the country.

India remains in lockdown, first introduced on 24 March, but some restrictions have been eased. Around 122 million are believed to have lost their jobs in April, and many say they will starve if they cannot work.

Italy now has a recorded death toll of more than 30,000 but the rate of infection has dropped. That has led the government to enter Phase 2 of its response, including allowing people to exercise more outdoors and travel in their region.

Restrictions were eased in Jordan in late March but an outbreak in Mafraq province led the government to introduce a 24-curfew on Friday and seal off some villages.

In Poland, hotels, shops, shopping centres, museums and galleries reopened on 4 May, with one customer per 15 sq m of space allowed. The country has 15,000 infections and 700 deaths – less than many Western European countries.

Spain has a four-stage plan to roll back one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe. From Monday customers can order a beer on a terrace bar. But Madrid and Barcelona, epicentres of the outbreak, are excluded for now.

France will be divided into zones, with restrictions eased in most of the country from 11 May – though tight lockdown measures remain in Paris and in the north-east.

In Mexico quarantine measures are still in place but the large car industry could be allowed to open again on 18 May. Many Mexicans are celebrating a muted Mother’s Day, with musicians recording concerts online.

And South Africans have entered their 44th day of lockdown, which has yet to be eased. The country has more than 9,000 confirmed cases, the highest in Africa.


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