Covid 19 coronavirus: Phil Goff says Aucklanders must get vaccine first

Aucklanders must be prioritised for the Covid vaccine because they are “greater risk” than any other region, Mayor Phil Goff says.

People living in Auckland were at a greater risk of catching the virus than those Kiwis living in other parts of the country.

“Auckland’s fourth level 3 lockdown highlights the fact that the city is at greater risk of community transmission than any other city or region in the country,” he said today.

He also touched on the impact repeated lockdowns was having on the city.

“Auckland loses an estimated 200 jobs and $30 plus million per day under level 3 restrictions.

“We need the vaccine roll-out to be prioritised in Auckland to help avoid future lockdowns, protect jobs and incomes and ensure Auckland can play its role in supporting the national economic recovery.”

With Auckland housing 18 quarantine facilities and being the gateway city to New Zealand, the city was carrying the burden of risk on behalf of the country.

“Protecting Auckland will help ensure that we stop the disease from being transmitted to other parts of the country.”

Goff said within Auckland, those living in South Auckland needed to be up to get the vaccine first and foremost.

The rest of the city should then be prioritised.

Goff said he welcomed the indication from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that South Auckland would be prioritised.
“But that needs to extend to all of Auckland,” he said.

“The roll-out of vaccines for frontline workers started in Auckland – which was absolutely the right thing to do.

“Now I would like to see that continue to the rest of the city.”

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