Covid 19 coronavirus: Taiwan’s first local case in eight months linked to Kiwi pilot

The first locally-transmitted case of Covid-19 in eight months has been reported in Taiwan.

The new case is linked to a New Zealand pilot diagnosed with Covid-19 on Sunday, the Financial Times reported.

The nation’s Centers for Disease Control said the pilot in an initial interview, could not recall all activities and didn’t mention a contact history with the new case.

The health agency also said a failure to provide truthful contact information could violate the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law and result in fines of up to NT$300,000.

In a statement, the agency said a man, aged over 60-years-old, from New Zealand, tested positive for the virus on December 20, after flying between Taiwan and the US.

At the same time, the CDC’s Central Epidemic Command Center also announced three new confirmed cases of Covid-19 imported from abroad.

All of the imported cases arrived from the Philippines.

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