‘Crossbow killer’ who ‘fatally shot’ sausage king caught after jail escape

A alleged crossbow killer accused of shooting dead Russia’s sausage king in his sauna has been detained five weeks after he made an audacious escape from a pre-trial prison.

Alexander Mavridi, 50, is accused of killing meat mogul Vladimir Marugov, 54, with a crossbow while he was enjoying his garden sauna with his new wife Sabina Gaziyeva, 36, in November last year.

Gaziyeva is then said to have fled the sauna naked, scaling a fence in order to raise the alarm as Marugov bled to death.

Mavridi is an alleged lover of the meat mogul’s glamorous first wife Tatyana Marugova, who had previously praised the man.

Marugova, a wealthy poet, said about Mavridi: “Many men can learn a lot from him.

“The way he behaves, how he came to my house, how he helped me.”

She has denied claims they were lovers but has admitted he had been “courting” her while acting as a handyman at her mansion.

Marugova added: “He was very gallant, very charismatic, he had no bad habits, he did not drink or smoke and he always spoke about things which were interesting for me.”

She was also questioned by state investigators and released without charge.

Mavridi was detained following the shooting as the main suspect in the murder but he managed to escape from a highly guarded detention centre five weeks ago.

His audacious escape led to the arrest of two duty officers who are suspected of helping in his flight.

Mavridi was eventually snared by facial recognition technology on a spy camera as he visited a supermarket in Russia's capital Moscow, reports say.

He “resisted” as the FSB security service – Russia's federal security service – police and Russian national guard moved in but was “neutralised” and taken into custody.

He was seen on a video hobbling as he was brought for interrogation on his escape.

Detectives are reportedly examining the theory that he befriended wealthy women seeking to gain their trust and then to intimidate them for criminal purposes.

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Mavridi and four others went on the run, but he was the last to be caught.

Jail duty officers Major Sergey Lavrentyev, 39, and Sergeant Elizaveta Burdakovskaya, 22, were detained over the escape.

Widow Gaziyeva, who passed a lie detector test on TV in an attempt to stop rumours that she may have been involved in the crossbow hit, told viewers: “I don’t have a version (explaining) the murder (but) it is very strange that these two people knew each other.

“There are 18 million people living in Moscow, and the fact that the suspected murderer knows his ex-wife amazes me.”

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