Dad fuming after being sacked two hours into new dream job for being too fat

A dad was left fuming after uprooting his family nearly 2,000 miles for his dream job, only to be sacked two hours in for being ‘too fat’.

Hamish Griffin was two hours into his new role as park manager when his employer at Big4 holiday park at Strahan, Tasmania, asked him to help move a sofa and belittled his weight.

The Aussie dad claimed that his new employer had seen a photo of him before he started his first day, but he was still shown the door over his weight.

This is a move that Hamish believes violates his human rights and he is now seeking legal advice.

However, the owner of Big4 Holiday Park accuses Hamish of hiding his "medical condition" of being obese.

The Sun reports the park owner also claimed that the move was justified as Hamish wouldn't have been able to mow the lawn or climb a ladder and any "reasonable person" would agree.

As a result, the dad says that he, his wife Hazel, and his young son Freddie were at risk of becoming ‘homeless’ after uprooting their lives from Queensland where Hamish had been a park manager for the last eight years.

Posting about the “heartbreak and embarrassment”, Hamish said: "I know there are people in much worse financial positions than us, but essentially we are now homeless, unemployed, with a devastated little boy with no school to go to this year.”

Lawyers have warned that sacking someone for a medical issue without evidence could be grounds for a discrimination case.

His weight had never been an issue in his old job and he wasn't able to show how "capable" he was to Big4, said Hamish.

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He added that his employer terminated his contract "because he thought I couldn't do these things, and might cause him liability through injury as I'm too fat".

The post continued: "It is with a great deal of heartbreak and considerable embarrassment that I have to advise that the dream tree change to the Apple Isle for the Griffin's has turned into a nightmare … before it's even begun.

"I still think this is just a bad dream I'll wake up from, but the reality and sadness have really set in.

"I had completed an interview via video for the job, and had sent him links to [an online] photo, to which he replied 'what a lovely photo of you all'.”

Big4 Holiday Parks at Strahan confirmed sacking Hamish but told ABC that Hamish was fired due to a workplace health issue that he would harm himself at work.

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