Dad fuming as school makes kids eat packed lunches outside in the cold

A dad was fuming after his son came home from school saying he was too cold to eat lunch.

Children at Northgate Primary School in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk have been forced to eat their packed lunches outside unless it is raining.

The rule, which was implemented last year as a Covid-19 precaution, has now been scrapped after coming under fire from angry parents.

Craig Fisher, a parent to a pupil at the school, said: "My son said he hasn't been eating his lunches because he's been too cold.

"It's bad that if you want to pay for a school meal, you can sit in the warm. If you bring your own lunch to school, you have to sit outside."

A Covid-19 risk assessment at the school in September stated: "Packed lunches outside – or in class in case of wet weather".

The backlash has led to an apology from head teacher Michael Collins, who assured parents on Friday that their children would now be allowed inside at lunch, EDP24 reports.

Explaining the reasons behind the policy in the first place, Mr Collins said: "Our risk assessment stated [pupils] eat outside packed lunches because we are limited for space.

"We don't have enough space to keep it safe for the children."

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He added that despite the September risk assessment, lunches have been eaten by pupils outside but under "nice" shelter for the past 12 months.

Mr Collins continued: "We've been eating outside all last year. We have nice covered areas here.

"Prior to Covid, all the children ate outside as well all through the year because of limited space in our school."

Despite defending the controversial lunch time rule as the school doing its best for pupil and staff safety, the head said sorry and confirmed changes would be made.

Mr Collins continued in his statement: "Lunches will now be eaten inside. We've made some changes and we do apologise.

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"I completely understand the parents' concern. It's not the ideal situation, but we are not living in an ideal situation unfortunately.

"If it's caused some issues, we were just following what we did last year during Covid times.

"We are trying our best to keep the children and the staff as safe as possible.

"And it seemed to work last year and that was why we tried to maintain that this year."

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