Denver named best staycation city in the U.S. by Apartment Guide

Denver is a place with lots of things to do, mostly sunny weather and great culture. These are some of the factors Apartment Guide used when they named Denver the best staycation city in the country.

What is a staycation? Taking one means sticking close by, but you don’t have to sleep at home for it to count. Many stay a night or two at a hotel and use it as a cheaper alternative to travel. In times of COVID-19, staycations have become more popular, with people opting not to move around as much.

For Apartment Guide, they used comfort, relaxation and activity as their main barometers for their list. That broke down into things like the average apartment size, the average cost of a bottle of wine, the city’s walk and bike scores and the number of hotels, spas and tourist activities in the area.

The Top 5

  1. Denver
  2. Scottsdale
  3. New Orleans
  4. San Francisco
  5. Miami

Denver’s park system, walkability and activities downtown made it such a prime location.

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