Diana wouldnt like Harry ‘turning back on birthright for Netflix deal – expert

Princess Diana would not have approved of Prince Harry’s departure from the royal family in order to pursue commercial opportunities, a royal author has claimed.

Harry left royal duties when he moved across the Atlantic to the US with his wife Meghan Markle in March 2020.

The couple have since pursued a number of new ventures, including establishing their charitable Archewell Foundation. Through the ‘Archewell Productions’ arm of this charity, the Sussexes signed up to lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

And, although the public are yet to receive a release from the pair on the platform, royal author Christopher Andersen has claimed that Harry’s late mother Diana would not have backed her son’s choice to leave the royal institution.

“Diana’s ghost looms over everything,” Christopher began, speaking on the Royally Us podcast.

“If she were alive today, I think she’d be torn because she’d be very happy that these guys are married to women that they obviously love, that they have gorgeous children, that these guys are great fathers and are active in important charities.

“But she would say that William and Harry are ‘my revenge’, and by that what she meant was they would both lead the monarchy into the future.

“And she absolutely would not have liked Harry turning his back on his birthright, so that he can sign deals with Netflix, I don’t think – that’s just my personal view.”

However, like her son, the Princess of Wales agreed to relinquish her 'Royal Highness' title herself when she separated from Prince Charles, eventually divorcing the future King in 1996.

And, in the same podcast, Christopher went on to speculate about Diana’s reaction to Charles' subsequent romance with his now-wife Camilla.

“I think finally she’d come to the conclusion that they’d had a great love affair. She had to admit that these were two people who were in fact meant for each other,” he continued.

“She had to tell her sons, ‘look, if you ever find a love like they have, hold onto it, if you find your soulmate.”

Daily Star has approached Harry and Meghan's representatives for comment.

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