Dithering Camilla shows lack of confidence with mask blunder, says expert

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looked as if she 'lacked confidence' as she 'dithered' alongside Prince Charles yesterday, according to a body language expert.

Charles, Camilla and the Queen were at the Senedd for the sixth opening of the Welsh Parliament.

Charles arrived first, suited and booted in a sharp outfit, as Camilla brought up the rear with her face mask half dangling from her left ear.

According to body language expert Judi James, this is a sign of "dithering" which you wouldn't "normally associate with the royals", reports the Express.

Judi explained: "Centuries of protocol and tradition have been created and adhered to in order to prevent top-level members of The Firm from being caught out.

"Which is why this particular dither from the Duchess is not only unnecessary but also rather risky.

"A dithering royal has the effect of putting their hosts or guests off their stride, too."

While expressing sympathy for Camilla with regard to the fact that wearing masks is a relatively new thing we're all having to deal with, the body language expert still thought the blunder was significant.

"To make matters worse she performs a truncated gesture, touching the mask before touching it again to waggle it in front of her face as though having no idea what the protocol should be," Judi continued.

"Her gesture looks like a question to her hosts, whose decision it really isn’t and the question has already been answered by her husband in terms of royal role modelling, so why not just copy his lead?"

Judi concluded that this "dithering" could be seen as an "endearingly lacking in confidence", which is troubling as "people take their lead from the royals in situations like this".

Before the royal visit, Welsh republicans had expressed their anger towards Charles, which perhaps explains why his wife seemed slightly out of it.

Welsh independence advocates République Cymru had said on Twitter: "We don't need a monarch to validate our Senedd’s existence and right to exist as our seat of democracy within Wales.

"Its very existence was decided upon by the people and will one day be free of the vestiges of this ridiculous posturing to individuals. #NoKingsNoQueensNoCrowns."

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