Doesnt work with Russia! Ukraine MP highlights pivotal mistake West making with Putin

Ukrainian MP urges delivery of US long-range rockets

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Ukraine’s agriculture deputy minister Tara Vysotsky reiterated the importance for the West to provide Ukraine with more weapons, which would include long-range rocket systems. Referring to the latest assessments that now confirm that “up to 20 percent” Ukraine is now under Russian control, he stressed longer-range missiles are now “critical” for Ukrainian soldiers.  He insisted “necessary weapons don’t work with Russia” after highlighting long-range rockets would allow Ukraine to “de-occupy territories without having our military forces killed”. 

Speaking to Mr Vysotsky, Times Radio host Carole Walker asked: “How important is that going to be in your efforts to hold back this invasion?”

Mr Vysotsky responded: “It’s critical.

“Because unfortunately up to 20 percent of the territory is occupied.

“It is very important to receive such weapons to de-occupy territories.

“But at the same time to save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

“So on these weapons depends the speed and the possibility to de-occupy without having our military forces killed, to save human resources.”

He continued: “We have to end this war.

“And the war can be ended only by fighting all the Russian away from our state.

“We have been having this war actually from 2014.

“It’s already eight years.

“We do understand that having only necessary weapons doesn’t work with Russia.

“So that’s our main goal.

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“We are all in this as our partners.

“We are asking for the support resource to free our country”.

Reports from Ukraine seem to confirm that Ukrainian soldiers have today successfully counterattacked on the frontline city of Sievierodonetsk and recaptured a fifth of the city previously gone under Russian control.

Governor of Luhansk Serhiy Haidai said Russian forces in Sievierodonetsk were giving up recent gains in the city.

He also added: “Russians are suffering huge losses”.

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