Donald Trump’s top medical advisor admits pandemic has been his ‘worst nightmare’

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The US has been horribly effected by the pandemic, seeing the most cases and the most deaths from the virus worldwide. It has seen 2,045,549 confirmed cases, and 114,148 deaths.

On Tuesday Dr Fauci, President Donald Trump’s infectious disease expert, issued his grim assessment of the pandemic’s effects on the US.

He made his bleak remarks in a virtual appearance at a Biotechnology Innovation Organisation conference.

He said: “In a period of four months, it has devastated the whole world, and it isn’t over yet.”

It comes as states continue to grapple with the virus, as well as widespread protests over the death of George Floyd.

Dr Fauci said in his appearance that while he knew a pandemic on the scale of coronavirus could occur, he was taken back by how “rapidly he took over the planet”.

He said: “An efficiently transmitted disease can spread worldwide in six months or a year, but this took about a month.”

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases also continued to explain that the amount known about the virus is still small.

While Fauci has spent his career studying HIV, he has conceded that coronavirus is far more complicated, because of it’s varying severity, ranging from asymptomatic carriers to patients who develop fatal conditions.



Fauci said of the unknown elements: “Oh my goodness, where is it going to end?

“We’re still at the beginning of really understanding.”

Dr Fauci also added onto his previous statements about needing multiple vaccine to curb the virus.

However he did voice confidence that an antidote would be found soon, despite scientists concerns that it wouldn’t happen until 2021.


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Fauci said he thinks “more than one winner in the vaccine field because we will need vaccines for the entire world — billions and billions of doses.”

Fauci continued: “I’m very heartened by the fact that the industry has stepped to the plate — very much differently than what we saw with SARS.

“The industry is not stupid — they figured it out. SARS had a degree of transmissibility that it burned itself out with pure public health measures.

“No way is that going to happen with this virus.”

It comes as Donald Trump has been under fire for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the recent protests.

Recently, the US president has planned to resume his campaign rallies despite social distancing guidelines.

The president has not held an election rally since 2 March in Charlotte, North Carolina, as cases of coronavirus in the US began to increase.

Trump has already veered into electioneering during recent work trips and during previous coronavirus briefings and now wants to get back on the road as a candidate.

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