Dont expect your wife to do what stars do, says ex-adult actress Mia Khalifa

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Porn legend Mia Khalifa has issued a warning to those expecting their wives and partners to do what she used to do on screen.

Lebanon-born Mia became famous in 2014 for appearing in porn videos wearing traditional Islamic garb.

And now comments she gave to BBC's HARDtalk, where she issued an ominous warning to fans, shortly after retiring from the industry have resurfaced.

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Speaking to Stephen Sackur the-then 26-year-old, who retired from the industry several years ago, said: “Everyone watches porn.

“It affects relationships, and porn addiction is very prevalent – the things men see in the videos and expect from the women in their lives is not reality.

“No one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the ones they love.

“I wanted to do porn as my dirty little secret, but it blew up in my face.

“It was terrifying.”

The 2019 interview, which is one of the most open and honest interviews she has ever given also talked about the infamous porn video which made her famous.

She performed in an adult video where she was wearing full Islamic garb – also known as a hijab.

The video was at the time of release, and still is, one of the most popular on adult site Pornhub.

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But the damage the video had on her life was serious.

She explained: “I verbatim told them they were going to get me killed.

“I was scared.

“I knew that if I said no – they're not going to force you to do it as it's rape – I was still scared.

“I was intimidated and nervous.”

And it also saw her family – also from Lebanon – distance themselves from her.

This, she admits, left her feeling “alienated and alone”.

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“There was no-one to tell me what to do or say that this is wrong,” she explained.

“My family had no clue what I was doing, and they disowned me when they found out.

“I felt completely alienated and alone.

“I just realised that some mistakes aren't forgivable, but time heals all wounds and things are getting better now.”

Mia also said that, having left the industry, she was becoming an influencer instead.

This is something she appears to have succeed at, as she now has 4.7 million Twitter followers, and 27.6 million Instagram fans.

She has spent the last year or so on a world tour, stopping in London on many occasions.

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In her most recent Instagram post, Mia posted several pictures and videos of her crying with the caption: "Cried myself to sleep every night this week from overwhelming joy.

"I can't believe what we've done and what we're almost ready to share with you, f**k, this feels good."

Mia was praised in the comments with one person saying: "You got this girlie", while another commentator expressed her personal emotions as she said: "Crying reading this, I'm so so proud of you".

Some of the photos she posted on Instagram included her taking a selfie on what looks to be a photoshoot set and another selfie on a plane departing the UK.

Earlier on in the week, the 29-year-old was spotted in Faversham, Kent, much to the surprise of the county's residents.

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