Dozens of sharks embark on wild feeding frenzy causing cement pier to shake

This is the fascinating moment dozens of sharks go on a feeding frenzy below a pier to prey on a school of fish.

The apex predators came close to the shallow water at Surf City Pier in Topsail Island, North Carolina, to feast on the saltwater baitfish off the coast of Carolinas.

Residents and amateur fishermen ran to the end of the pier and captured the spectacular nature scene right below their feet.

Posting on the Surf City Pier Facebook on Tuesday, October 19, the sharks are seen breaching water and thrashing on the surface as they chum on the fish.

One woman says: "Earlier you could feel them. They've been here about an hour. And this frenzy is not as big as the other one over there."

"Wow," another responds.

While they are talking, the sharks go quiet as they run out of food and end up circling around the pier before breaking up and swimming out of the area.

Some avid fishermen noted that the sharks are not harmful to humans, adding: "Atlantic sharpnose shark – harmless and travel in schools."

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    They wrote in the comments stating that there was a lot of baitfish swimming in the water and believed it's the season for the "mullet run".

    "That's almost unbelievable if I had not seen it in person one time before I would question it but I saw it with my own two eyes," one viewer comments.

    A second wrote: "The kids would never go back in the water if they saw this."

    A third, who was at the scene, said the sharks came around 8pm and left around 12am, adding: "Sharks was everywhere around the head of the pier to both sides! It was hard to fish."

    "This is why you shouldn’t swim near the pier during this time of the year," a fourth warned.

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