Driver furious at hidden speed camera warns others of £65 fine by holding sign

A furious man has taken it upon himself to warn drivers of traffic cameras that he claims aren’t properly signposted on a busy school street.

Ricky, from Croydon, says he managed to stop 50 drivers from getting fined for going through a restricted zone in just two hours on December 2.

The school street was introduced in Haling Road by Croydon Council meaning drivers face a £130 fine, £65, if paid within 14 days, for entering the road outside Harris Primary Academy from 8-9.30am and 2-4pm, My London reports.

But the 55-year-old thinks the signs are not clear enough and sought to prove his point by standing in the road with a sign reading "£65 fine if you enter".

Ricky said: “It doesn’t matter what you say to Croydon Council, this isn’t about protecting schools, Croydon Council will never, never put the right signage up.

“When school ended there were kids and parents walking in the middle of the road, if they really cared about safety it would be barricaded off, it shows that it is pure revenue.”

After his experiment, Ricky reckons the council could be making between £5000 to £7000 a day from fines.

It was the first time Ricky has taken to the street to warn others of the school street and he now plans to do it again.

The couple also took it to an independent adjudicator after another Croydon resident successfully appealed their fine, but this was rejected too.

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Dozens of people who have also been slapped with fines have posted about their anger at getting fined on the Croydon Communities Consortium website.

The website displays the successful appeal from one local to the environment and traffic adjudicator. The authority told Croydon Council to cancel a fine in February.

It found that the signs warning drivers of the restrictions wasn’t “adequate to communicate the nature and extent of the restriction to motorists”.

Croydon Council has been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.

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