Driver trades punches with woman in heated road rage brawl at traffic lights

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    A driver was filmed getting out of her car while pulling up at traffic lights to trade punches during a heated road rage brawl.

    The shocking footage, filmed by a bystander, shows two women – one driver and one pedestrian – exchanging blows at the side of the road in Melbourne, Australia.

    In the clip, the door of the woman's white 4WD has been left wide open as she slapped the woman across the face at around 6pm on January 30.

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    Both women traded blows – slapping, pushing and pulling at each other – as a row of baffled drivers watched on.

    Cars were seen lined up along Brighton Road, Elwood, waiting to go as the lights turned green but the female driver's car caused the hold up.

    The fight reportedly lasted less than a minute as witnesses rushed to separate the pair.

    It is not known what caused the dispute. Victoria Police has been contacted for a comment.

    Back in 2016, a brutal fight that broke out on a motorway in Houston in a fierce road rage incident was caught on camera.

    Eyewitness David Dao and his daughter watched as an outraged woman argued with two men in a white car at an intersection on the Farm to Market Road 1960.

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    The violent footage shows one of the passengers throwing a drink at the woman as she walked off.

    At this point the passenger and driver rushed out and launched a string of vicious punches.

    David Dao said: "I couldn't believe it. As soon as he kicked the grille, I was like 'this is going down now.' I was thinking this is going to be bad. At that time, I knew because there's physical damage now."

    Shocked and stunned, the woman screamed for all three men to stop but when she tried to break up the brawl, she got punched in the face.


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